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Adrian Dain Friday 26th November 2010
Hi Dave, I really like your underwater shots and the Robins.

Bob Eliasen screech on BF Thursday 2nd December 2010
Great job here, coming along very nicely. I've been thinking about doing the same. Really enjoyed your Fox gallery; I'm doing a photographic study of a Barrier Island race of Fox here in New Jersey, USA. They are engaging animals very interesting to watch. Had the chancet to wtch and photograph a fox climb a small bush/tree looking for an injured Robin that eluded capture. Climbed up on grape vines and had a good look-about. I learned a few varieties of Fungi that flourish here, thanks for that. Will return again to see how your getting along. Keep up the good work Dave! Have a great Christmas! screech

Dean Eades Sunday 20th February 2011
Nice website http://www.birdmad.com/

Albert Gammack Wednesday 18th May 2011
Hi Dave, very nice pictures, a pleasure to view, keep the good work up, Speak later, Albert & Beryl