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Welcome to my website of nature.

A warm welcome to my web-site.

My name is Dave Smith and for most of my life I have lived in Warrington although originally from Wallasey on the Wirral.

All photographs are by myself using a variety of cameras & lenses (mainly Canon).

Based in the north west it is logical that a lot of the photographs are of species that thrive here (you might notice from it's clarity that the under-water shots are not local).

The site is a work in progress and is likely to continue so-I am always grateful to any advice of where best to photograph certain species.......please feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions.

For purposes of this site the categories are 'descriptive' and not necessarily technically or scientifically accurate.

Should you want to purchase any, most photographs are for sale in hard copy form-some (in my opinion) make excellent canvas prints.